About Sambhav

Sambhav Kumar is the creator of LifeTOP Academy. LifeTOP is an abbreviation of "Life Transformation and Outstanding Performance". Sambhav Kumar is an MBA in IT and has over 15 years of experience in Technology and has worked at various managerial roles in top MNC companies. Since 5 years, he is empowering Business Leaders & Celebrities and transforming their lives.

Under the umbrella of LifeTOP, Sambhav Kumar has developed a technology called “TOPMOS” which is an abbreviation of “Transformation and Outstanding Performance Mind Operating System”. TOPMOS is proven and tested technology which is a combination of science and art, enabling people to give an outstanding performance by using their mind.

Sambhav Kumar has developed and delivered a number of customized LifeTOP modules; like Business, Leadership, Motivational and empowered people of all ages and groups like Corporates, Salesmen, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Students, Artists, Sportsmen, Teachers, Couples, and Senior Citizens.

With his wide experience and creativity, he has been helping people for various aspects like Business Strategy, Life Coaching, Peak Performance, Students Performance etc.

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